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Welcome to LEGO Fanon Unlimited wiki! You are welcome to stay and edit here anytime!

- Let's do our best to create the number one LEGO fan wiki! -


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About Us

On this wiki, you can do anything you want, as long as it follows the concept - LEGO. This wiki was created as a fan wiki for LEGO content where anybody can share their ideas about LEGOs, from Sets to Minifigs to Games and more!

Also, please try and stay as long as possible. We would appreciate if you could help us expand the wiki greatly!


As is to be expected, LEGO Fanon Unlimited requires you to follow certain rules. We encourage each and every user to read through the full list before doing anything.

  1. Edit what is only yours, do not edit any User's articles unless received permission from the owner or fixing an error.
  2. Do not insult a user or his/her article, as you may hurt his/her feelings. An instant block may follow.
  3. Do not post anything unrelated to the wiki; this wiki is only for fanon LEGO content, not anything else. User pages are not included.
  4. Try your best to not swear a lot, minor swearing is allowed and just...don't swear consistently like every single word in a scentence.

Category Pages

As a means to organize your builds/articles, we have four main categories at your disposal. These are the most important ones, and, as such, should probably be the first you consider adding after you have created your article.


Down below is a list of our current Administrators on our wiki. If you need any help, please come talk to them. If you would like to be an Admin, please discuss it on the Founder's message wall and give a reasonable and meaningful answer as to why you might want to be one. You also may be chosen as one, if you have shown a good example as a regular user.


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