This is a page for all the Levels in LEGO BIONICLE: The Video Game.

Levels Edit

Level 1 The Toa Stones Edit

Playable Characters: Takua, Jaller

Objectives: Find the Six Toa Stones and place them in the Suva.

Enemies: Nui Rama Bosses: None

Minikit Build: Po-Koro

Level 2 The Path to Ko-Koro Edit

Playable Characters: Kopaka, Matoro

Objectives: Fight your way to Ko-Koro

Enemies: Kane-Ra

Bosses: None

Minikit Build: Ko-Koro

Level 3 Water & Air Edit

Playable Characters: Gali, Lewa

Objectives: Find Gali and Lewa's Golden Masks

Enemies: Nui Rama, Tarakava

Bosses: Tarakava Nui

Minikit Build: Ga-Koro

Level 4 Earth & Stone Edit

Playable Characters: Onua, Pohatu

Objectives: Find Onua and Pohatu's Golden Masks

Enemies: Nui-Jaga, Kuma-Nui

Bosses: None

Minikit Build: Onu-Koro

Level 5 Fire & Ice Edit

Playable Characters: Tahu, Kopaka

Objectives: Find Tahu and Kopaka's Golden Masks

Enemies: Kane-Ra, Muaka

Bosses: Manas Crab

Minikit Build: Ta-Koro

Level 6 Kini-Nui Edit

Playable Characters: Tahu, Kopaka, Gali, Lewa, Onua, Pohatu, Akamai, Wairuha

Objectives: Defeat the Manas Crabs, Defeat the Shadow Clones, Defeat Makuta

Enemies: None

Bosses: 2 Manas Crabs, Shadow Toa, Makuta

Minikit Build: Le-Koro

Level 7 The Bohrok Attack Edit

Playable Characters: Tahu, Kopaka, Gali, Lewa, Onua, Pohatu

Objectives: Defeat the Bohrok

Enemies: Kohrak, Pahrak, Kohrak Va, Pahrak Va

Bosses: None

Minikit Build: Toa Canister

Level 8 ??? Edit