Series LEGO Mario & Sonic
Released April 8, 2016
Planned by Whirly Volcano

The Beijing Set is the first set of the theme LEGO Mario & Sonic. The set is based on Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, the first game of the Mario & Sonic game series, where Mario and Sonic characters take place at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Figures Edit

Buildings Edit

These figures consist of multiple pieces.

  • Beijing National Stadium
  • Beijing National Indoor Stadium
  • Beijing National Aquatics Center

Location Edit

Besides the three buldings, this pack includes a lake that can be filled by actual real water.

Characters Edit

  • Mario
  • Sonic
  • Tails
  • Luigi
  • Amy (summer sports outfit)
  • Peach (summer sports outfit)
  • Daisy (summer sports outfit)
  • Blaze (summer sports outfit)

Sports equipment Edit

Any LEGO figures can use these.

  • Bow and arrow (for archery)
  • Target (for archery)
  • 2 small swords (for fencing)
  • 10 hurdles (for 110m hurdles)
  • 2 batons (for relay)
  • Bar (for high jump and pole vault)
  • Pole (for pole vault)
  • Javelin (for javelin throw)
  • Hammer (for hammer throw)
  • Vaulting table (for fault)
  • Trampoline (for trampoline)
  • 2 boats for up to 4 LEGO figures each (for rowing)
  • 16 oars (for rowing)
  • 2 table tennis bats (for table tennis)
  • Table (for table tennis)
  • Table tennis ball (for table tennis)
  • 4 bicycles (for cycling)